Meat/Seafood Department

Managed by Glenda Nielsen

JC Market Thriftway Meats, Smoked Meats, Seafood Department

  • We offer USDA CHOICE Beef.
    Purchased from Unified Grocers in Portland and Western Box beef. The most delicious, most tender beef available! Grain-fed cattle, resulting in the highest quality meat, superior marbling and flavor.
  • Our meat cutters have over 125 combined years of experience.
    We can cut any special order you want. Just ask.
  • We carry a fantastic 100% USA Cattle, All Natural Choice Beef from The Painted Hills Ranch.
    Hormone and antibiotic free. 100% vegetarian diet. From Wheeler County, Oregon. We also have Painted Hills nitrite- and nitrate-free Deli Meats.
  • Our own Smoked Meats
    We do our own curing and smoking of meat, seafood and game meat. Managed by Dave Danielson, 15-year employee.
  • Full line of Pork products
    Extremely juicy and lean.
  • We have 100% Natural Foster Farm Chicken.
    Northwest grown. Fully organic.
  • Freshest seafood products through Pacific Seafood and local fishermen.
    Bringing you the freshest possible product; local as often as possible. We can special order what you want within just a few days.
  • Our staff is very knowledgeable.
    From cleaning a crab to filleting fish to where you can go crabbing or fishing with your family
  • We have weekly free recipes on our seafood dept counter.
    We are here to make your shopping experience worry free.

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